Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastic Bottles Crusher Machines in Pakistan

PET bottle crushing machines play an important role to save the environment of the world. The waste plastic materials can take several ages to disintegrate.

They closeup disposal areas  and exhaust waste processing fluency. By converting plastic bottles, other types of plastics and packaging into new products, recycling benefits the environment and develops new industrial opportunities. Plastics recycling hold backs the useful materials out of the landfills and promote businesses to grow new goods made from them.

Features Of PET Plastic Bottles Crusher in Pakistan

1. It is made of World most popular electrical and mechanical components.

2.It is highly mechanized operating and it is free of labor cost and very easy to use.

3.Blades are made of top quality steel, unbroken and hard to be damaged.

4.It has specific qualities to reduce noise pollution.

5.Plastic Crusher is easy to operate, durable and low electricity expenditure.

6.Convenient to clean, hopper, blades, crusher room and screen can be removed easily and also mounted easily.

7.It also has good protection capability including power supply to ensure the safety of the equipment.

8.Blades of the machine can be grinded several times and work efficiently.

                                          Product Details

Machine names     Size       Weight    Weight with Panel
Special plastic crusher    14”     1100kg          1300KG
Special plastic Crusher    18”      1700kg          2000kg
PPRC,PVC HD Plastic Crusher     24”      1900kg          2200kg
PP,PET Plastic Crusher     24”      2100kg          2500kg

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